Tuesday, September 30, 2008

1st syawal

afta 30 days fasting, now it is raya tyme..
ramadhan dis year had taught me a lot.

n today afta break de fast, it is 1st syawal,,
dis year will b de first 1st syawal in KL for me
usually, i went back to kg a day or more before 1st syawal
it will b new experience for me

to semayang raya at my neighborhood's mosque
to raya at highway (fyi, afta de semayang raya, my family and i will journey to de north:my kampung at perlis.)

oh....it is 3.50a.m. now
tym to continue watching de champions league match XD

btw, selamat hari raya to everyone
n hope to see ramadhan again next year..

Eid Raya..!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

He's back

-praise from Patrice Evra.
-Short and sweet, perhaps, but Patrice Evra’s summation of Cristiano Ronaldo will be enough to make opposition defenders quake in their boots.

Good luck to all...

they are de pioneer batch of JPA sponsored students at INTI-UC who had succesfully gained admission to ivy-league and iny-league standard unis. in the States.

Josh and Samantha (U Penn)
Claire (Carnegie Mellon U)
Fiona (Northwestern U)
Julia (Brown U)
Siva and Wen Jian (Uni. of Calif,Berkeley)
Bernard(Wisconsin-Madison U)
Christopher, Ernest, Jessica, Ru Yun, Nyoi, Jason, Albert, Cunn Yong, Yung Terd, Yen Yen and Wan Naim (U of Michigan.Ann Arbor)

n to all who will join them next year,
together we strive to success
n frame our memory here in inti in our mind.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

we r united..

juz now, i read the article about The United World College (UWC).
The UWC goal is the world peace. it might sounds cliched, but here is
where Palestinian can be best buddies with an israeli
and even gay can co-exist wif straight guy.

refugee or prince, black or white, man or woman,
The UWC welcomes everyone in its quest to promote world peace.

my point here is here where i studied was also filled wif student around de world.
for example, my macroeconomic class.
there are student from south korea, kenya, myanmar, zimbabwe, cameroon, india and saudi arabia.

the benefits are we can increase our knowledge about other country.
n i juz know dat the myanmar's currency is kyat.

di year will b green

::my baju raya dis year will be green in color::
:: today at 11, my mum woke me up and asked me to foolow her to but dis baju::
::dis year, i bought dis baju from de boutique near my house. de name is de'masyhur::
::afta searching, trying, paying we went back home::
::it will b my last raye shoppink in malaysia as i'll maybe frther my study at States::
::btw, Happy Raya to everyone::

Saturday, September 27, 2008

quote of de day

"genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration"


TBFC is well-known Taman Bidara Football Club

We can be contact at http://www.myspace.com/love_tbfc

pioneer 1st team:
CM-Shah (C)

Friday, September 26, 2008

who know dis game?

:: i won it afta juz 5 hands.....impressive (see:wif 2 "shoot in the moon" from me)::

p/s: sorry 4 those who dont know dis game, if u'all need somethng 2 know, ask me.tq.

"hidup ini memang palat, tapi esok masih ada.."


dis will be next (erm...Malaysian movie) movie in my movie list.

KAMI follows a group of five friends as they squeeze in as much fun and reckless abandonment on their road to self-discovery before entering a new stage in their lives – higher education.

the casts will be:
Syarul Ezani (Ali)
Liyana Jasmay (Lyn)
Nas-T (Abu)
Adii (Zayanah Ibrahim)
Sofie (Juliana Evans)

check dis trailer out...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

why One Piece?

my frens asked me why i spent my time reading dis manga?
act, i dont know y,

but one piece has tought me to:
-appreciate my frens.
-never give up.
-many more..

dats y i luv to read it.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wat's fren?

friends is not lyke a FUTSAL,, we shoot it afta we got it

friends is not lyke a SKATE,, we step on it afta we clean it

friends is not lyke a PAMPERS,, we damp it afta we use it (sensitive nee) =P

friends is not lyke a PEN,, we throw it away afta it inkless

friends is not lyke a JEWELLERY,, we mortgage it when we don't hav enough money

friends is not lyke a RAINBOW,, pas hujan bru muncul

friends is not lyke a CHIPSMORE,, (sekejap ade, sekejap xde)

friends is not lyke a PEANUT,, bak kate pepatah, bagaikan kacang lupakan kult (haha)


what's friends afta all?

ha.....Friends is lyke U......y??

bcoz u hav a tym 2 read all of this rubbish (tp sape yg appreciate 2,,tq2)

4 me, friends is really imprtant...

a fren will never let his or her frens crying, felt sad or do anything dat will hurt them

most IMPORTANT thing,,, a fren will alwez smile 2 his/her frens...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

hobi mereka di mase lapang...

(budak2 A2)

Luqman-wat lawak2 yg kdang2 munasabah, kdang2 munasarawak
Rassyid-maen gitar,,pergh layan jiwang mamat nee..
Nasaai-maen2 bersama ekin =P
Firdaus(prof)-tgok hindustan..xpun ngan hadhari die,,xfaham aku
Tarmizi-die nee suke terajang bnda2,,haha
Haniff-maen game,,xkire r pape game pun
Aizat-maen ngan ka,,jgan slah faham lak
Firdaus(kelantan)-mengadap laptopnye
Pior-farted,,ape da..
Pooteen-kcau laptop org laen,,beware
Mub-x abes2 ngan kg. travian die
Hasbi-download, download, download, lagi...

p/s: nee berdasarkan kaca mata aku je, jgan terasa hati sume k

pepehal...korang sume best!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Straw Hat Pirates

Monkey D. Luffy: The main character, a 17 year old boy. He is the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. He is portrayed as carefree and sometimes air-headed. He generally has a huge appetite, for meat in particular. By accidentally eating a Devil Fruit, a fruit that grants special abilities to those who eat them, his body gained the properties of rubber. Luffy's dream is to become the Pirate King

Roronoa Zoro : The first to join the crew. He is 19 years old and a skilled swordsman, who uses up to three swords at once, clutching the third into his mouth. He is extremely poor at understanding geographical directions and gets lost very easily. He also sleeps a great deal and loves to drink. His goal is to become the greatest swordsman in the world.

Nami : The crew's 18 year old navigator and the second to join. Her navigation skills are excellent and she has the ability to recognize and analyze even the slightest changes in the weather through sheer intuition. She is also an excellent thief and pickpocket. Her dream is to draw a complete map of the world.

Usopp : The crew's 17 year old marksman and the third to join. He is a chronic liar, talented inventor and has notable artistic talent, shown in his painting of the Straw Hat's Jolly Roger and crafting of detailed snow sculptures. Usopp's dream is to become a "brave warrior of the sea".

Sanji : The crew's 19 year old chain-smoking chef and the fourth to join. He knows how it feels to starve from first hand experience. Therefore he will never refuse someone a meal and becomes easily agitated when food is wasted. He is obsessed with women and has a strong sense of chivalry. He will never harm a woman, no matter what. His dream is to find the All Blue, a legendary sea, containing every kind of fish in the world.

Nico Robin : The crew's 28 year old archaeologist and the sixth to join. She ate a Devil Fruit and gained the ability to create copies of any part of her body on surfaces in her proximity. She is extremely intelligent, having taught herself archaeology at a very young age. Her dream is to find and decipher the Rio Poneglyph, an ancient stone telling a long lost part of history.

Tony Tony Chopper : The crew's 15 year old doctor and the fifth to join. He is a blue-nosed reindeer, who gained human properties by eating a Devil Fruit. He is capable of conversing with humans and animals alike. He is also very naïve and has a tendency to believe anything told to him. His dream is to create a cure for all the world's diseases.

Franky : The crew's 34 year old shipwright and seventh to join. He is a cola-powered cyborg. His artificial body grants him incredible strength, as well as making him practically invulnerable to most frontal attacks. It is equipped with countless weapons. Nevertheless, Franky is very sensitive and like Chopper has trouble hiding his emotions. His dream is to build a dream ship and sail it around the world, something he is now doing aboard the Thousand Sunny.

Brook : The crew's 88 year old musician and eighth to join. He is a living skeleton, resurrected by means of a Devil Fruit. He has a strange personality, being a combination of a gentlemanly persona and a perverted, crude sort. He speaks in a dignified, educated manner at most times, while having amazingly bad manners. His goal is to circle the Grand Line and return to Reverse Mountain, fulfilling a 50 year old promise.

talking, talking, talking..

dis nyte
my frens n i keep talking3x from nonsense to valuable things

from malaysian politic to civilization to where we'll staying in penang (4 toefl purposes)

byak gile ckap mlm nee
msing2 ade pndangan msing2
dats y they got de scholar

smart people

Saturday, September 13, 2008


1. football or soccer is my fav. sport. i have been playing seen i was a 5-year-old-kid

2. "one piece" by eiichiri oda

3. glory, glory man united!!!

4. music

5. FIFA 08...bile FIFA 09 kuar kat Msia??


DarE To Establish Rationality-Minded In No Advancing Time. I'm On Noblenessmood..


Sunday, September 7, 2008

"dam dam dum!!"

today i remembered de last tym i clbrated raye wif mercun

da lame gile xmaen...
just now, my bro asked me 2 play wif him b4 i went bak 2 cllge

so..layan r die

DUSH! (eh, pelik je bnyi nee? XD)

da sedap2 men, tym buke pose
mkan lagi...
nyum! nyum!

burp! alhamdulillah
it has been long tym not taste foods dis tasty

"all of de above" statements are y i'll miss ramadan again..

Friday, September 5, 2008

life's like sardin

act, dis topic is not really connect wif wat i want 2 tell ya..

dis aftanoon, i hetch ktm to blik kg (rumah senarnye)
u knoe wat, ktm is almost.....em...nope, it's FULLY packed

like sardin thing..

then, wat can i c, malaysian people is not so tolerate 2 de others

"bagi r org 2 kuar dlu,, nee rebut2 nak msuk, adesyh.."

hope de pihak yg terbabit use de money dat govt giv during bajet dis year

~~till next post~~

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

new sem begin..

hopefully it better than last sem...

n toefl is next